Wood Based Activated Carbon

Wood based Activated Carbons are rising in popularity, with applications which in the past utilized coal or coconut carbon products, with regard to industrial applications.

Wood carbons possess outstanding decolorizing attributes due to their particular unique porosimetry. Their high surface area seen as a a significant percentage of mesopores and macropores generates a fairly low density along with a environmentally friendly and renewable supply of raw materials. Wood Based Powder Activated Carbon is used for decolorizing in sugar liquors, juices,soybean and food industries.

Wood Based Activated CarbonWood powder activated carbon is non-toxic, without taste and it has the appearance of a fine black powder. Offering a sizable surface area, and robust adsorption abilities, it is perfectly suited to water clarifying and purifying within the production of sugars, pharmaceuticals, beverages and also wines. It is also used around the globe for waste water treatment as well as in the decolorizing, refining and purification of organic solvents.

Wood powdered activated carbon makes use of top quality sawdust as raw material and it is manufactured using the zinc chloride technique. It has the characteristics of superior pore structure, sizable adsorption capability and quick filtering

It is primarily used for purification, deodorizing, deodorization within the food and beverage industries. The wood powdered activated carbon can also be produced by phosphoric acid method. The advantages with this method are its faster filtration speed and lack of zinc salt. Wood carbon produced by this method is also used in the food industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industries.