UCI V 75


UCI V 75

Universal Carbons India presents its Activated carbon manufactured from selected wood/coal based origin, with enhanced adsorbancy and recovery of vapour/ hydrocarbons, odour and small molecular colourant substances, UCI V 75 pelleted activated carbon with selective adsorption for hydrocarbons vapours this designed product can lost longer in recovery processes.

UCI V 75 packaging

• 270 kg PP Jumbo bags on pallete

• 3 x 10 kg LDPE bag in a HDPE bag – 8 bags on shrink-wrapped pallet

• 44 pallets per 40 FCL and 20 pallets per 20 FCL

• Packaging Can bé customise as per individual requirements

Activated carbon is non hazardous and excluded from IATA 395, IMCO CI 4.2

and UN 1362.

Urs 10-n1