UCI BW 280 / 55N


UCI BW 280 / 55N

UCI has specially adapted its high activity steam activated 55N grade to best
suit pharmaceuticals, food and API / Bulk Drug industry. Low Mineral ash,
iron levels and high meso and macro porosity make UCI BW 280 an excellent
product for decolourisation. The acid washing makes the impurities and ash
content best suited for pharmaceutical applications. The low impurities
ensure activated carbon does not add any oxides, turbidity or toxins to the
final API purification process

UCI BW 280 / 55 Npackaging

270 kg PP Jumbo Bags on pallet
3 x 10 kg LDPE bag in a HDPE bag – 8 bags on shrink-wrapped pallet
44 pallets per 40 FCL and 20 pallets per 20 FCL
Packaging can be customized as per individual requirements
Activated carbon is non hazardous and excluded from IATA 395, IMCO CI 4.2 and UN 1362.
UCI BW 280 is GMO free. No genetically modified organisms are part of the product or process.

Urs 10-n1