UCI 12 N


UCI 12 N

UCI 12 N is a steam wood based powder activated carbon. Due to its medium activity, this carbon is suitable for waste and drinking water treament, fluegas treatment, purification of low coloured raw edible oils, coloured flavors…

UCI 12 N packaging

• 340 kg PP Jumbo Bags on pallets

• 17 kg HDPE bag – 20 bags on shrink-wrapped pallet

44 pallets per 40 FCL and 20 pallets per 20 FCL

Packaging can be customized as per individual requirements

Activated carbon is non hazardous and excluded from IATA 395, IMCO CI 4.2 and UN 1362.

UCI 12 N is GMO free. No genetically modified organisms are part of the product or process.

Urs 10-n1