Sugar and Starch


UCI’s advanced steam activation also produces high quality granular carbon for waste water treatment, food industry and applications where high pressure filter presses are not available to filter the liquid through powder carbon.


UCI 8 x 30 premio is granular pine wood based steam activated carbon. The Pine wood aids in high porosity. Typical applications include food, water and applications where filter press and high pressure mechanisms are not available.


The surface area, decolourization properties, pH ignition rate, purities as well as the uniform particle size of UCI 50S is far superior to that of locally available varieties. Also UCI 50S comes with a Certificate of Analysis is in original form, content and packing. 50S is chemically activated.


UCI’s steam based activated carbon has high porosity. The high porosity provides excellent adsorbtion properties for purification in the pharmaceutical industry. Acid washing gives Carbon low ash content and higher adsorbtion power. UCI 55N in acidic media is highly used for the caffeine and bulk drugs industry.