How Activated Carbon Is Used To Treat Waste Water?

Considered the best performing agent for eliminating pollutants from commercial and municipal and industrial waste waters, polluted groundwater and other toxins that can get into the ground from landfills and dumps is Activated carbon. Because it is the most effective mineral adsorbent, it is able to take care of an array of pollutants. It is […]

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How to enrich Activated Carbon Changes ?

Activated Carbon manufactured from Wood / Carbonaceous raw material has alkaline earth metals, chlorides and phosphates. It also has insoluble impurities like silica etc. While acid soluble and water soluble impurities can be removed by acid washing, insoluble impurities remain with the carbon and can only be removed by gravity separation. Powdered activated carbon – once […]

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Benefits of Activated Carbon

Impressive Health Benefits of Activated Carbon Carbon is just as beneficial today as it was in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians used it for infected wounds, to help absorb the fetid odor and also to help heal wounds by absorbing harmful particles. In addition to it’s many healing properties, carbon plays a key role in emergency rooms across […]

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