Our Applications

UCI Carbons with six strategically located manufacturing locations has the product line to cater to adsorption and purification needs of most industries. From high porosity low mineral steam based acid washed powdered activated carbon to high iodine granular carbon for water purification our product line has answers to applications across industries and continents. While we have a standardized products for Pharmaceuticals, Food, Water, Mining, Air and other colour removal purposes, our highly skilled and qualified team have the ability to understand the nature of impurity to be removed and develop a tailor-made product which specifically serves your industry or process. From the conventional specification based approach our engineers understand your pain point and work towards a product line. Most often we tweak our standardized products to best fit the process.


Purification is a key element in the beverage industry and activated carbons play a vital..


Activated Carbon for Oil Refining

Oil Refining

Our grades are used in conjunction with bleaching earth in vegetable oil refining…


After Workout


Our granular activated carbons and filtration systems remove organic and inorganic contaminants…


Activated Carbon in Caffiene


The extract of coffee is passed through a bed of 55N Extrude activated carbons. 55N extrude is also used in removing….




Our special grades (55N, 55NS, 20NS, Premio) take care of unwanted impurities and help in increasing the purity levels …..


Activated Carbon for Food


Activated carbon takes care of unwanted organic contaminants from a wide range of intermediates, raw meterials and end products….