About Us

Raw Material

UCI with its strategically located facilities has rich reserves of pine based, softwood and babool based wood charcoal. We have recently tapped a rich bituminous coal reserve in the Northern Territory of India. The raw material is carefully screened, with stones and dust carefully removed, before it is sized, to ensure a consistent quality of activated carbon.

Activated Carbon Raw Materials

Our vendor management system ensures top notch quality control on all incoming materials. While we ensure high quality standards on incoming material, our dedicated vendor management team takes special care of innovation, process control and maintenance schedules, at our vendor sites. With dedicated special allocation from the government, we specialize in high porosity, low impurity, pine and wood based activated carbon.


UCI started activated carbon production in 1970. We were originally into manufacturing Pine Tar and Turpentine. It is a family owned business with production capacity of over 4000MT.

Company Records

Certificate of Registration has been awarded to UCI Carbons in recognition of the organization Quality Management System which complies with ISO 9001:2008.

Quality Policy

– Delivering Problem free products on     time, every time
– Providing Prompt technical support to the customers
– Imparting meaningful training to our team.

Testing Standards

All tests are done as per ISI, IP, BP, ASTM and USP Standards.

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Our Technology

UCI has state of the art manufacturing facilities, located strategically to tap the rich reserves of raw material. Supplying to the leading pharmaceutical and food companies, we work under the strict guidelines of ISO 9001 and vendor guidelines, of our Food and Pharmaceutical customers. To ensure a consistent quality, we have installed fool proof systems to ensure that our manufacturing processes are not people dependent. With special focus on continuous innovation and ”Kaizen”, we have mastered the art and science, of manufacturing and curating the highest quality activated carbon. With a strong focus on environment, UCI Carbons has a goal, to ensure all of its facilities shift to 100% green technology, by 2015.

Quality Standards

UCI follows strict guidelines of ISO 9001, Food Safety and Health Standards and GMP. With consistent supplies to the leading API and Bulk drug pharmaceutical and food companies, we ensure that first rate quality control and quality assurance. Our end-to-end quality control check points, have helped us establish a ”Trust and Confidence” reputation, among leading corporations.Our material is tested under strict supervision and control, to serve each customer’s individual requirements. Sampling and testing of material, is done after each stage within the production process. This ensures that we adhere to the high quality standards that we have set for our selves. All tests are approved by ISI, IP, BP‘,USP & ASTM standards.

Water Tight Quality Standard
Activated Carbon Packing

Packaging & Shelf Life

Packaging of UCI’s Activated Carbons consists of Double Polythene Lines, laminated HDPE bags of 25, 30, 40 and 50kgs or in fibre glass drums. Packaging can also be tailored to meet individuals requirements. This ensures the prevention of moisture as well as atmospheric contaminants and facilitates indefinite shelf-life. Safety Unimpregnated Carbon is inert and non-toxic, it is combustible, but not easily ignitable below 200°C, self ignition in air is at 300°C+. Carriage : Steam Activated Carbon is not hazardous and excluded from IATA 395, IMCO CI. 4.2 and U.N. 1362.

Our Facilities

The UCI group comprises of 6 manufacturing setups with a combined capacity of 4000 MT under the names of:
– UCI: Oldest setup with a production capacity of 500MT per year. Prime Product is acid washed powdered carbon.
– Rajindra Carbons: This is the largest setup with 8 Kilns, 12 acid washing tanks and a production of 2000MT per year. Prime Products are acid washed activated carbon, 12 x 40 Granular Carbon, 8 x 30 Granular carbon. Rajindra carbons enjoys a setup of 25 acres of land and inexhaustible supply of wood and wood charcoal. Rajindra carbons also owns farmlands to supply wood at ultra low costs and all the year around.
– Sri Ram Industrial Carbons: This is the newest setup with State of the art washing, filtering and drying facilities. Sri Ram Industrial Carbons will be shortly commissioned into a fully automated plant , the first of its kind for powdered carbon in India. The new facility will be following the code of ”Green Technology”.
– Century Industrial Carbons: Situated on the foot hills, Century Industrial Carbons enjoys the exclusive sanction of Pine Wood Charcoal. By using Pine wood charcoal , the plant is capable of producing high meso and macro porosity carbon. This particular plant has the ability to achieve methylene blue values up to 450mg / g as well as low ash content.
– Unique Industrial Carbons: Located in the Northern most state of India, Unique Industrial carbons benefits from an endless supply of Coal and Pine Wood. Unique unwashed and washed powdered carbons are produced, which are then supplied to a number of the major brand names of India.
– Utopia Carbons: Located in Rajasthan, Utopia enjoys the wide availability of Babool wood charcoal. Babool wood charcoal is perfect for steam activation and yields. The pore structure fosters optimum mesoporosity.

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